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Passionate about some idea or Possessing a skill set that you wish to monetize? Enroll in this course and start your business today. Enrolling to this course , is your 1st investment to your business with great returns.

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A brief overview of the course outline, benefits of your own work & finding your business idea.

  • Introduction.mp4 1min 0sec
  • Finding your business idea.mp4 3min 34sec
  • Benefits of your own business.mp4 1min 13sec

Go through stages of ideating, planning & executing business strategy.

  • strategy.mp4 14min 35sec

Working on how to comprehend and manage financial aspects of business.

  • finance 1.mp4 6min 33sec
  • finance 2.mp4 12min 47sec

Tackling and approaching product quality and development.

  • Product development.mp4 9min 7sec

Exploring business marketing tactics and approaches.

  • Marketing.mp4 17min 9sec
  • Digital marketing.mp4 12min 38sec

Learning how to hire, train and keep your employees motivated to be efficient

  • OPERATIONS.mp4 1min 54sec
  • summary.mp4 1min 32sec
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Huma Ejaz

Entreprenuer | Consultant | Finance guru

Expert in financial and business consulting


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